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Shape Class

Some times we want to draw rounded rectangles or show a form or controls with rounded corners. The Shape class gives us that functionality. The class is very simple and has two functions RoundedRectangle and RoundedRegion. The RoundedRectangle rounds the corners of the rectangle and returns the graphics path. The RoundedRegion creates a rectangle-region, rounds the corners and returns the newly created region. Read More... / Comments

Unique Combination Class

in this post I will talk about and present you with Combination class that can be used to generate unique combination of objects from a list of objects. The way this class is generating the combination and the fact that the GetSubsets method's parameter is an array of objects gives us an advantage of having the objects whit different data types. The only limitation of having the objects with different data types is that it can't be sorted. The objects can be value type as well referenced type. In order to sort a referenced type object array, the object should implement sortable interface. Read More... / Comments

SCapture Class

The SCapture class provides us with methods to capture still images from the screen, with or without the cursor. The class can capture windows, controls, rectangle area of a screen, the entire desktop that includes all monitors, shortcut menus etc. Most of the methods are overloaded that take a point or a control as their parameters. Read More... / Comments

Hotkeys Class

In this post I will talk about Hotkeys class that makes it easy to set global hotkeys for applications. It is a wrapper class that raises a HotkeyPressed event whenever a registered hotkey by the Hotkeys class is pressed. The class is a collection of registered hotkeys (in a Hotkey data type). The Hotkeys class can be used to register, unregister, or replace (registered by the Hotkeys class) hotkeys. Read More... / Comments