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HTML Editor Utility

The HTML Editor is a simple editor that provides effective way of creating and editing HTML files. The main feature of the HTML Editor is to show the HTML content in a browser view instantly while editing it. It also provides easy insertion of some frequently used HTML tags. The editor is perfect for creating or editing HTML email templates or an HTML file in general. Read More... / Comments

Desktop Alarm Clock

Yet another great application, this one is a desktop Alarm Clock! The Desktop Alarm Clock is simple, user friendly and fully customizable. The great thing about this application is that it supports scheduling events and can perform several useful tasks automatically. For example it can notify a user about the events with a virtual voice or start an external application in a particular time. Read More... / Comments

Screen Shot Utility

Sometimes we want to capture screen image or parts of it easily and quickly without using MS word or the clipboard which requires additional tasks. The Screen Shot utility gives us the ability to capture screen images quickly without any additional tasks. It allows the user to capture screen images and save them into a user predefined folder. The application is user friendly and easy to use. Here are some of capturing tasks that Screen Shot application may be handy; full screen capture (entire desktop), object capture (windows, controls etc.), rectangle area capture, full web page capture, clipboard and active window image capture. All the capturing requires one or maximum two steps (clicks). Read More... / Comments