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Sometimes we want to capture screen image or parts of it easily and quickly without using MS word or the clipboard which requires additional tasks. The Screen Shot utility gives us the ability to capture screen images quickly without any additional tasks. It allows the user to capture screen images and save them into a user predefined folder. The application is user friendly and easy to use. Here are some of capturing tasks that Screen Shot application may be handy; full screen capture (entire desktop), object capture (windows, controls etc.), rectangle area capture, full web page capture, clipboard and active window image capture. All the capturing requires one or maximum two steps (clicks).

Some Screen Shots

Object Capturing

Rectangle Area Capturing


The application first was written in VB.NET 2005. It uses some API functions to implement still image capture (copy the screen image bites to an image stream object). All the capture functionality provided by the application, use application-defined methods to capture a screen image. Note the application doesn't use windows default desktop capture functionality. The application image capture has at least one advantage over windows default capture; that is capturing transparent windows, whereas windows default capture doesn't. Windows captured image has no transparency (opacity) even if a window on the screen is completely transparent.

This project is an assembly of different classes and components that I have made over a period of time. For example, it uses the Shape class to make the menu form's corners rounded. Another one of my components, WindowsHookLib hooks the mouse and the clipboard to help capture an image. Of course I needed to provide some hot key support for the application, for this I used one of my other classes Hot key Manager which provides a complete hot key solution. The most important class that allows capturing images is SCapture. This class provides the main functionality.

Putting all these components and classes together and adding some other stuff to the project makes it a very useful capturing application as it is now. I find it very useful in my web projects when I need to capture screen image or just get an accurate size of an image in my projects using the rectangle capture window tool.

Complete Feature List

  • Full screen image capture (all monitors).
  • Object capture. The object can be window, control, windows shortcut menu etc.
  • Rectangle-area image capture from the screen.
  • Full web page image capture.
  • Clipboard image capture.
  • Active window image capture (with hot key).
  • User defined application hot keys.
  • All the captured images are automatically or manually (optional) saved into the user defined folder or clipboard.
  • All the capture methods mentioned above will capture transparent window images from the screen.
  • JPEG Image quality setting.
  • Can save an image in many image formats.
  • Can capture a screen image with the cursor included (optional).
  • Easy menu access (optional).
  • Plays sound when the image is captured (optional).
  • Automatically notifies for application updates (optional).
  • Starts the Screen Shot automatically when the system starts (optional).
  • Help file.


Everyone is permitted to copy and use the Screen Shot application freely for their personal or business needs. The only restriction is that the application as an entirety must not be an item for sell. If the Screen Shot should be used for commercial needs, than a permission is needed from the author of this application.


  • Current Version:
  • Author: Arman Ghazanchyan

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 10
  • Dot Net Framework 3.5 SP1


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