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Hello and welcome to my professional website. Here you will find a history of my skills and professional experience, and information regarding the projects that I’ve worked on throughout my career, over the last eight years.

Like many developers, I began my journey as a Computer Science major at Los Angeles Valley College. During the course of my study, I became proficient in a multitude of programming languages, including C++, VB.Net, C#, Java, Assembly, and ASP.Net. Additionally, I gained experience with HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, JQuery and CSS and Microsoft products and tools including Windows, Visual Studio, ASP.Net, AJAX, Net Framework, and SQL Server. Perhaps one of the greatest moments in my education was being exposed to the programming paradigm OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Most programmers learn about the benefits of OOP, but I am a true OOP believer, as I regularly employ it as an invaluable tool that helps ensure that my projects are well written and fully manageable.

This background undoubtedly gave me a strong basis for my continued study of computer programming, which has only deepened with years of experience in the workforce, including positions at Vartan Code and ICDC College.
At ICDC College, I worked to successfully complete a project called EDDI (an online enrollment system) that allows the students electronically sign forms upon the enrollment; send automatic emails to the students and the company employees; generate various reports that show overall progresses; provide tools (user controls) under the student progress page to keep track of the students' enrollment progress (admissions, financial aid, registrar and student services).
To put it simply, this project is a standalone complete system that handles all aspects of the student enrollment, from the beginning to the end.

In recent years, web development has become my primary occupation, and I’ve had the opportunity to use my programming experience to build dynamic and successful websites. Through completing these web projects, I’ve come to realize that although my skills and background serve me well, in this industry, it is of paramount importance to keep myself abreast of the new technologies that come to life every day. This belief in education and staying on trend with the ever-evolving technologies of this field is one of the keys to being a successful programmer.

My most recent endeavor has been working as a freelancer, developing various projects such as windows applications, websites, components, and user controls, for individual clients and companies. If you or your company is in need of a well-written project that employs all the latest technologies (whether it be windows applications or websites), contact me to discuss it in greater detail. My goal is and always will be to invest my knowledge and experience into your projects, in order to ensure financial growth for your business.